Mortgages by Catherine

First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is one of the biggest moments of your life my goal is to be here every step of the way.

First Steps

      • Initial Meeting & Needs Analysis
      • Saving the Down Payment & Building your Credit
        • BC Home Partnership Program, Borrowed Down Payment & Gifted Fund options
      • Pre-Approval
        • Reviewing all supporting documentation & thoroughly reviewing your file to determine your options and hold rates with potential lenders for up to 120 days.

    Next Steps

      • Qualifications & Searching for your dream home.
        • I will be here to run the specific figures on homes/condos of interest, and help you in ensuring that the overall expenses will fit your budget.
      • Writing the offer & submitting to the lender
        • I will be here to quickly action & help with ensuring we set an achievable turnaround time for both your expectations & lender requirements, to make sure we are always 1 step ahead.


        • Removing subjects
          • Ensuring all lender requirements have been met, appraisal, inspection & that you are personally comfortable following your review of the documents, property & lender product to remove subjects with confidence.
        • Closing & Getting the Keys
          • I will ensure through active communication with both your realtor, lawyer & insurance provider that all items are actioned and prepared to meet your closing date & get the keys in your hand to your new home on time!
        • Annual Review
          • I will be available when you have any questions and my goal is to have an annual review to realign your goals both for building equity in the property, pre-payment schedules, budgeting and next property to ensure we are on track to meet your wants and needs.

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        9 Steps to Buying a Home

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